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  As a ignorant novices, we sugest you be familiar with the basic playing method and cultivation system,together with the FAQ according to the instruction. We assemble some frequent questions for the novices to make you enjoy our game conveniently.

  Q:How to upgrade?

  A:To upgrade by finish task challenge and daily tasks.

  Q:How to get coins?

  A:To get by adventurous chanllenge, and purchase by diamonds. The higher your VIP is, the more frequent you can purchase.

  Q:How to get Poké ball?

  A:To purchase by coins and diamonds,together by finish task.

  Q:What if the VIT is insufficient?

  A:improve your trainer degree and purchase by diamonds, The higher your VIP is, the more frequent you can purchase. Moreover, VIT can be offered between friends, and receive at the task at interface at 12 noon , 6 and 9 p.m.

  Q:How to upgrade your pet?

  A:click Pokémon-details—“+”of degree,and then upgrade it by candy.

  Q:How to get Pokémon?

  A:wild catching, hunting catch and gashapon are the major methods, and also many other ways to get there.

  Q:How to evolve?

  A:To evolve at the cultivation interface as long as your Pokémon reaches a fixed degree and collect the necessary materials,

  Q:How to deal with the redundant Pokémon?

  A:To combine,set free or put them in storage that will not occupy your major array。

  Q:How to catch Pokémon?

  A:to catch by Pokémon ball after making it in the lowest blood amount. The successful rate will be higher if it is in abnormal state.

  Q:How to check details of trainer?

  A:Click character portrait in the game interface to check details.

  Q:where is the setting?

  A:click portraits--the gear button to choose ON\OFF of music and sound effect in the setting interface, and make bug feedback and exchange gift bag.