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·Adventurec -- Endless trips
Multiple maps, unique monsters and adventures invite you to join in the game.
·Chatting Window -- Making the world smaller
Various event chatting interfaces make players engage with each other with more fun.
·Group Challenges -- March with friends 
3v3 group battle with subtle array match and best strategy to win
·Monster Adventures, Training and Safari
Train the rare or special monsters and capture hot legendary monsters as you like.
·Featured Title -- Made especially for you
Players can own the one and only title to show your noble privileges. 
·Riding System -- To gallop in the world of monsters
The game provides multiple monster rides through various events and system.
·Cool Costumes -- To make you special 
Anime, Metal, Beach, Classics, all the unique costumes are here for you.
·Group Competition-- Win the honor of the strongest group 
Don’t fight alone and join us to fight for the honor of the strongest group!
·Gashapon -- Legendary monsters reappear
Players can get legendary monsters by lottery.  More powerful legenday monsters will come.